Treating Cold with Essential Oil

Essential oils are derived from the seed, bark, stems, root, flowers of a pant and they give a plant the distinctive fragrance. These fragrant oils protect a plant as well as used for food preparation, beauty care product preparation, health care products etc. The essence and benefit of an oil depend on the aromatic compound present in it. Essential oils are broadly used for many physical and emotional health-related issues. Essential oils for cough & cold are used as a natural remedy for cold and flu which effectively boosts your body and mind.

Healing properties of essential oils:

  • Speed up recovery by improving the immune system.
  • Works as an antiviral and antibacterial agent by dealing with any infection.
  • Maintain hormonal balance.
  • Helps to eliminate virus or bacteria around us.
  • Cleanses natural air by diffusion.
  • Can be used to control pests.
  • Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory property.
  • Can be used as an expectorant and antimicrobial agent.

The process of using essential oils in the prevention of cold:

  • These should be used externally only.
  • It’s always better to dilute first using a carrier oil to avoid irritation.
  • Use aromatherapy.
  • Bath blends and massage blends.
  • Inhale through steam.
  • Use diffuser.

Essential oils used for relieving cold:

  1. Oregano essential oil:

These are antiviral and antibacterial. They boost the immune system and can reduce problems associated with upper respiratory ailments. They can be administered sublingually by placing a few drops under the tongue. This immediately helps to sooth. Again it can be taken through massage or diffuser blend in addition to other oils.

  1. Frankincense essential oil:

This oil a remarkable healing property and can be used as antiseptic, astringent and expectorant. They have a rejuvenating anxiety reducing property. You can take the oil with a hot bath or by inhaling through steam. In case of congestion and headache, you can take them by hot or cold compress.

  1. Eucalyptus oil:

The eucalyptol present in the oil makes it a potential remedy for coughs in the chest. In order to get rid of a stuffed up nose, you can use the oil in a diffuser or with a steam inhaler. This oil can also be used to prevent airborne infection, calm coughs, relieving an aching body etc.

  1. Tea tree oil:

This antiviral and antimicrobial oil elevates a cough, bronchial congestion etc. and works as a natural disinfectant. You can apply 8-12 drops around your sinus and neck area. It can be used as a massage blend and steam inhaler as well.

  1. Lemon essential oil:

This oil is considered a cure-all and is believed to reduce fever and flu. Its energizing property makes it a potential treatment for fatigue. They can fight viruses and reduce swollen gland, body pain. You can use the peel of lemon to let the air around you get fresh.

There are several other oils such as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon leaf oil and so on who can relieve cold-related problems without giving side effects. So they can be used as a natural remedy.


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