The importance of an interview when picking a medical malpractice attorney

One of the most important things to do when you have suffered an injury at work is fighting the right representation. People who live in New York City should not have a lot of issues finding representation. Some so many great lawyers are more than willing to help you. However, this variety sometimes can be a bad thing. Unless you know somebody who you can trust, picking the perfect NY medical malpractice attorney will take some work. And let’s face it. You want the best. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of not getting what you want. An experienced lawyer will help you reach your goals. But what are the keys to picking the one that is right for you? The answer is simple. Conduct a good interview with more than one candidate, and you will see who is the best for the job. If you are not familiar with how the interview process works, this is you asking all the relevant questions and hearing what the lawyer has to say. Not sure what to ask? Here are the most common questions that you should ask:

  • What is his or her experience with malpractice law and law in general?
  • How long has he or she been working as a lawyer and whether it’s a work in a law firm or a personal business?
  • How many cases did he or she win?
  • Does he or she have any special certificates that further proves this is the right person for the job?
  • What you are going to pay for all the services and whether there is a possibility to pay upfront or later?
  • Does he or she has a malpractice insure and if that’s the case, how much it costs?
  • Does he or she outsource the work, meaning if there is a need to hire people from other firms or individuals who work in law on their own?
  • How frequently will you have to pay for the services?
  • Is there a possibility to provide references from people he or she has worked in the past? Whether it is clients or other lawyers, these are both acceptable options.
  • What will be the means of keeping in touch and discussing the progress of the case? If it’s going to be via phone or something like Facebook.

Once you are done with the interview, ask yourself whether this candidate is good enough for you. If you think that his experience in legal matters will suffice when it comes to fighting in court, this is the person to represent you. An NY medical malpractice attorney should be somebody who is willing to fight for you. If you believe you’ve found the right person, you are ready to go.

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