Operation Principle of Pressure Leaf Filter Technology

The pressure leaf filters are mainly used in the processing of oils. It is used on the siltation stage of the processing of these vegetable oils. Some of the purposes are bleaching, winterization and press oil purification among others. We can say that all of these liquids that exhibit the rheology that is the same with that of vegetable oils can use the pressure leaf filter for filtering. Below are some of its operations.

Cake bloating

The operation of this filter is mainly based on this principle of cake filtration. There are some filter elements known as the filter leafs. These leafs are made is a design that they have many layers and are covered with a metal net that id fine meshed.  Many of the filter sheets are put on a filter box that is on the discharge pipe. This box is then filled with cloudy oil under pressure. The oil goes to the framework through the surface of the elements of the filter. It gets to the leaves later through the discharge pipe. The filter aids and the cake are collected on the filter sheets surface.
Filtered oil can also be taken back to the pure oil tank if they the cake produced have quite a thick layer. This is what is called cake bloating. It is during this process that you get the oil taken back to the cloudy oil tank. You can use some filter aids to help you accelerate this process.


The cake can be sufficiently formed when the pressure leaf filter element is apparent with the pressure increase and if it can be observed visually. The filtration face duration and the obtained quantity are all determinates to some valuables. Some of these determinants include the proportion of the cake that s in the cloudy oil, the temperature of the oil that is mainly measured with the kinematic energy and the distribution of the particles in the cake. This distribution is highly dependent on the mode of operation of the oil press. The other dependents are the filter surface and the quantity and the type of filter aids that are used. You could use cellulose or sawdust among others.


It is in this phase where you will see the advantages of the pressure leaf filters compared to that of the chamber filter. The entire process including this particular process can be completely automated. On top of this, all the filters of the metal fiber have more lifetime than that of the chamber filter press.  When you reach to a particular pressure, the cloudy oil supply is interrupted. This oil is that comes from the full filter is removed and taken to the cloudy oil tank.  The pressurized air is used to dry up the sticky cake that is on the filter elements. It is at this stage where the oil from the discharge pipe is taken to the oil separator since it is very oily. The dried cake is then ready, and it can be comfortably got from the pneumatic shaker.

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