About Us

WebNet Converged Wireless Network is building a dynamic Converged Wireless Network throughout North America. WebNet CWN is poised to become a leading provider of High Speed Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet Protocol Mobile (IP Mobile), IPTV (On Demand), Security, Video-Conferencing and many other digital products and services.

There are hundreds of Wi-Fi companies with thousands of hotspots throughout North America. However, there is no consistency in their equipment, operating frequencies or methodology. Most deliver local Wi-Fi service to cafes, restaurants and the likes, but none of them deliver Converged Services. WebNet CWN delivers Converged Wireless Digital products which include:

  • High Speed Internet – and all the Backend Components
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol – and all the Backend Components
  • Internet Protocol Mobile – and all the Backend Components
  • IPTV – and all the Backend Components
  • Video-Conferencing – and all the Backend Components
  • Security – and all the Backend Components
  • Home Entertainment – and all the Backend Components

The phrase “and all the Backend Components” is what separates us from the pack. Our Wireless Technology is impressive, but the real strength of WebNet CWN is our ability to “Bundle” and deliver “State of the Art” communications products to you.

Our backbone gives us the ability to deliver Converged Wireless products and services to Business and Residential customers. Our backbone will segregate customer accounts, provide custom billing and accounting, service multiple products such as High Speed Internet and VoIP (telephones) accounts all on the same bill, or separately all in “Real Time”.

Our Customers can go to their computers, logon to our website and by entering their name and password they can instantly access numerous online services we provide including a review of their account, all on a secure site.

Our backbone permits them to instantly view everyone of their account details including managing their Follow-Me Service. Subscribers can print copies of their account details and save call records, emails, voicemail.

What makes WebNet CWN different than any Wi-Fi or Wireless company is that we provide Converged Wireless products, normally purchased from several different providers, all in one LOW COST “Bundle”, with 24/7 service at the SPEED OF LIGHT.