A small analysis on QuickBooks Data Corruption and methods to overcome data loss

QuickBooks provides you with a handful of easy-to-use bookkeeping techniques. It offers you an easy interface to effectively manage all your finances, sales, taxes, invoices, reports, etc. in one place and make money. But, it may sometimes give you a heck of a time dealing with corruption in the QuickBooks databases.

QuickBooks Windows’s version is much better than Mac. Some people may complain that it is not customized to their business needs, while others may find it easy to make most of the things work. The most common complaint is that there is no year-end closing. The transactions keep on rolling and the file grows in size exponentially. There is a useful ‘condense’ feature (‘Clean up Company Data’) that helps to reduce complexity of the file and thus preventing unnecessary corruption.

In the event of QuickBooks data corruption, you will experience some weird behavior like customer’s records showing up in the A/R lists, incorrect values for Sales tax payments, and other small annoyances. If the corruption is severe, verifying and rebuilding data would be useless and worthless. If you try to condense the database, it would also go in vain.

There are plenty of reasons responsible for causing damage to the QuickBooks company file. It could be simply a network glitch across a network in multi-user mode, an instant power surge, or a bad software. Frequent power blips are responsible for many problems. If you do not have a battery backup, the network router may crash and cause data corruption in the QuickBooks file.

To deal with company file corruption, QuickBooks will normally allow you to export valuable data items like customers, reports, vendors, employees, item lists, and chart of accounts. These are actually “tab separated value” files that you can easily open in a spreadsheet or a text editor. They have a proprietary extension (.iif). Thus, it eliminates the need to start from scratch. You just have to do a little work, i.e. entering invoices, making bills, starting bank balance, etc. If you are using the Mac product and want to transfer your customized invoices to the new company, it would be comparatively difficult as compared to the Windows edition.

For maintaining consistency of data, it is required for you to take regular backup of the company file. Thus, you can easily restore this backup at the time of corruption and fix all issues revolving around data integrity.But If you still face problem to quickbooks repair then you should contact quickbook expert .

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